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Professional Development: The Product Design Process (seeking public Feedback)

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This course provides an overview of how product designers take an idea and produce a working product ready for manufacturing. The first step in the cycle involves researching a market and industry as well as identifying similar products and technologies. From there we will examine the creative process of ideation: brainstorming based on the research results. Next, we will investigate how 3D modeling techniques reduce development time and discuss appropriate 3D modeling software, prototyping processes and materials for different types of products. Finally, we will look at beta programs and how to determine when the product is ready for manufacturing.
The first hour will cover the overview, and in the second hour, the instructor will provide brief individualized public feedback on how to structure the product development process for each of six products.
This overview course will be followed in future weeks by more specific workshops that explore steps and skills in the product development cycle in depth.

Proficia's Professional Development workshops are designed to provide engineers, artists, and anyone who creates or designs with skills they can use in the workplace. If you would like a focused experience guided by an expert practitioner, these courses are for you. Advanced Prototyping Center members get a 25% discount on the workshop fee.
(Note: This instructor is English-Spanish bilingual.)

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