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Professional Development: Introduction to Electronics Through Troubleshooting

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2 hours & 40 minutes

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This workshop introduces basic principles of electricity and electronics in a unique way. Rather than starting with theory, participants will work their way around the room, examining and identifying the problems in several real circuits that are each broken in some way. Each circuit will represent a common electronic device, such as a remote control or a microwave oven clock. Participants will be given clues, such as schematics, and hints about which measurements to take until they find the problem. The instructors will help each participant start at their own knowledge level to become more comfortable using documentation, internet searches, and electrical measurement equipment to solve problems.

Proficia's Professional Development workshops are designed to provide engineers, artists, and anyone who creates or designs with skills they can use in the workplace. If you would like a focused experience guided by an expert practitioner, these courses are for you. Advanced Prototyping Center members get a 25% discount on the workshop fee.
(Note: This instructor is English-Spanish bilingual.)

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