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Experience Cleantech: Build Your Own Water Filter

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Many of us rely on water filters without understanding what substances they remove and what remains in the water. We will learn the basic science behind water filtration systems and explore different ways to reuse water. We will also get a glimpse of the process of extracting salt from water and how filtration systems are powered. Participants will build their own filtration system with natural materials. The filter is a small-scale demonstration of a filtration system for home irrigation water.

Experience Cleantech workshops are designed to be accessible to the general public. Each workshop presents a concept related to energy efficiency or resource conservation. If you have toured the Advanced Prototyping Center and wish you could try a hands-on project in the labs, these courses are for you. Advanced Prototyping Center members get a 25% discount on the workshop fee.
(Note: This instructor is English-Spanish bilingual.)

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