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Experience Cleantech: Composting As A Waste Management Strategy

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Organic waste makes up about one third of California's waste stream, most of which currently ends up in landfills. Yet this waste could be a valuable resource when properly composted. This workshop will look at composting as a waste management strategy. Participants will learn about a worm composting system and help build a compost pile that will heat up to over 140 degrees. The class will cover how to set up a composting system at your home, even in an apartment or other small space, and also touch on ways to scale up a composting system for a school or small business.

Experience Cleantech workshops are designed to be accessible to the general public. Each workshop presents a concept related to energy efficiency or resource conservation. If you have toured the Advanced Prototyping Center and wish you could try a hands-on project in the labs, these courses are for you. Advanced Prototyping Center members get a 25% discount on the workshop fee.
(Note: This instructor is English-Spanish bilingual.)

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Assess your waste stream