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Sign Up Link

Published on 10/05/19 by
Updated on 10/06/19.

How to generate the link that can be emailed to new users to sign up.

Step 1

Go to Organization Settings by clicking the circular group icon in the top, right corner and select the organization name.

Step 2

Go to Privacy from the menu on the left.

Step 3

Next to Allow Requests, toggle select ON.
Enabling this option will display a sign-up link on your Safety Spot homepage. You can then send out this link via email for students to register.

Caution: If you have an enterprise integration activated, such as Single Sign-On or Active Directory, perhaps this sign-up link should be disabled as you'll already have your enterprise login link displayed on the home page. In other words, this will activate two sign-up links on your homepage, which may add confusion. Therefore, best practice is to utilize your enterprise integrated sign-up link on your homepage to avoid confusion within your Safety Spot community.

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