Reports For Site Activity

Published on 01/25/19 by
Release 2

Stay Current with Site Activity Reports

Safety Spot now has a new feature for managers to report and communicate any events that took place at a particular site. If any work needs to be done and reported to the organization, managers can go into Reports and record events pertinent to the site. This feature includes the ability to attach equipment to the report, if the report includes a particular piece of equipment that may have been damaged or malfunctioning in some way, i.e. smoking, won't turn on, or making noises. From there, managers can update reports by marking any action taken and recording the service order number for this repair reaction.

Using this feature, managers may also generate a report for any date or dates, and view all activity for that time frame. This report may be printed or downloaded as a pdf.

New Feature FAQs

What is a Site Activity Report?

A Site Activity Report is a feature that lets users record daily activities. This is ideal for routine inspections or equipment logging. Dates and activities for each entry, along with the selected equipment, are saved for future data analysis.

Who has access to this feature?

Users with manager status are able to create, edit, and delete activities. Regular users are able to view reports posted to the bulletin board.

Can I add equipment from this feature?

Yes, a manager is able \"Quick Add\" equipment from this feature.

Am I able to view a summary of the activ...



Using Site Activity Reports

Published on 01/24/19 by
Release 2

Site Activity

Communicate with members of your organization easier with Site Activity Activity Reports. Start by going into the Reports tab and clicking on Site Activity. This will bring you to the site activity homepage where you can select the specific site in which you’d like to report an activity. After selecting the site, you are able to add reports and view existing records on the next page. When adding a new report, you will need to enter a date, select equipment if needed, and a message.

Step 1

Go to Site Activity Reports from the drop-down menu at the top, left corner.

Step 2

Select a site.

Step 3

Fill out the information under Add New Record; date, equipment, and explain the event/issue with this equipment. Save activity and the entry will be recorded at the bottom of te screen.

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Adding Action Taken

Once an activity report is saved, managers may go back and add any action taken regarding this issue.

Step 1

From the selected site's Site Activity page, locate the record, and click the small gear button to the right.

Step 2

Click on the box with the 3 dots on the right.

Step 3

Select Action Taken and fill in what action has been taken regarding this issue. Save activity.

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